After Twitter NFT Profile Pic Bashing, Did Elon Musk just Buy a $1.5 Million NFT

Elon Musk has been associated with cryptocurrencies for a long time. But he has specifically lambasted NFT hype, especially Twitter’s profile picture initiative. But if the reports are to be believed, he has just purchased a BAYC from a man of Indian origin, Deepak who goes by the alias Derek.

Initially, Deepak was selling his BAYC NFT for 690.94 but decided to lower its price to get rid of it quicker. The moment the price was lowered to under 600 ETH, the NFT was snapped up by an anonymous buyer who is believed to be Elon Musk.

Deepak is already popular for his association with NFTs. He is a collector of popular NFTs and held a rare Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, BAYC #1837. Although Deepak has made the information public, Elon Musk hasn’t yet confirmed that he is the NFT buyer.

But according to Deepak the buyer who used a MoonPay account to complete the 569 ETH transaction is none other than Elon Musk. It is worth noting that Elon Musk’s association with meme currencies such as Shiba Inu and Dogecoin have already turned around their fortunes.

As BAYC is already the world’s most popular collection, it is hard to imagine what kind of surge we will see after Musk’s involvement. Due to the fact that the account is an anonymous moonpay-eth account, it would be hard to validate the purchase unless Elon comes out himself and confirms it.

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