Bobatama Crypto: A New Cryptocurrency that Surged 622% in a Week

Following in the footsteps of meme cryptocurrencies such as Shiba Inu, Bobatama (BOBA) is a new cryptocurrency that became famous as an internet joke.

The new cryptocurrency, also known as BOBA, has surged 622% in a week and grabbed everyone’s attention. Bobatama is a variation of the Saitama meme as it has a logo that features the image of a one-punch man, also known as Saitama – a popular Japanese superhero.

The primary utility of Bobatama comes from its Ethereum Virtual Machine called Bobamask. It features enigmatic and still-in-development Force Ghost tech that facilitates anonymous transactions. Bobamask virtual machine can be used for building decentralized applications on the promising Ethereum network.

Bobatama merges NFT storage as a multi-chain wallet and allows investors to keep track of every cross-chain investment via a single platform. Bobamask’s primary feature is the high level of privacy to cryptocurrency investors. As a new cryptocurrency, Bobatama has got crypto enthusiasts very excited.

The whitepaper of Bobatama clearly states that the investors can privately invest using BOBA as the currency leaves no traces of its presence (just like a ghost). Although the currency looks like an excellent choice at first glance, it should be thoroughly analyzed because it carries risks just like any other crypto in the market.

One of the most positive things about BOBA is that it is supported by Shibnobi, also known as the SHINJA community. Shibnobi is a next-gen platform for cryptocurrency investors, which has already confirmed that it will have a listing of Bobatama .

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