Bored Ape Restaurant Founder Duo Releases Food Fighters NFT Collection

Andy Nguyen and Kevin Seo, the founders of Bored &Hungry – the world’s first restaurant where apes make your food for you – launched their Food Fighters NFT collection.

Given Nguyen’s input, it looks like this collection may save the restaurant industry by providing key insights and building a community around food culture.

Food Fighters Universe (FFU) is a project that will connect food and the web through blockchain technology. The project was launched this month and contains 10,000 unique tokens that can be traded on Ethereum blockchain.

Future blockchains offer many benefits that established ones don’t. One of these blockchain projects is Food Fighters – it will enable us to create gathering places, both physical and virtual, where you can experience new things. This project would also help us to introduce what we call “NFT-backed restaurants” which feature your favorite fighters from Food Fighters!

Each NFT will grant access to exclusive Web3 and real-life offers. This includes getting first dibs on tickets for the next annual festival and passes that let you skip the queue.

Food Fighters also come with a marketplace that will cloak some places as “Easter eggs” for NFT holders. You’ll also be able to buy IPs and commercialize them.

In the web3 spirit, shared governance of things like the opening of new restaurants & menu items will take place on various platforms such as Twitter and discord.

“We launched Bored & Hungry to show people that NFTs are more than just a JPEG, that the IP can be used to create brands and businesses,” said Nguyen. “Food Fighters Universe is an extension of that idea.”

Nguyen & Seo are going to bring their favorite chefs and their favorite people together to create concepts and new food experiences

The Food Fighters team includes rap legend Bernard Franklin, NBA all-star/entrepreneur Baron Davis, as well as advisor and consultant Josh Ong.

frensHouse is developing this project with our Augmented Reality and 3D artist.

Artist frothyoatmilk is responsible for designing the NFT characters that include Super-Foodies such as pizza, ramen, ice cream & sushi. Each one also comes with a different rarity trait, chosen at random

Fighters Universe will donate a portion of our revenue to food sustainability & world hunger charities.

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