Top 2 Metaverse Stocks to Invest in 2022

The craze for the metaverse is on the rise. Companies such as Meta (formerly Facebook) have already entered the virtual world and making waves.

In the current scheme of things, there are two companies that are consistently growing and bringing new propositions in the metaverse domain.

Unity and Alphabet are two metaverse stocks that are uniquely positioned to drive investment interest from all corners.

The parent company of Google – Alphabet – is the online advertising guru. But to make an impact in the metaverse, it is constantly acquiring smart glassmakers and bolstering its VR capabilities.

Alphabet is directly competing with Google in terms of market share and hardware. The VR headset tech of Alphabet has become the direct competitor of Meta’s Oculus Qwest 2

Alphabet’s VR project called Project Starline is already made an impression on people who viewed it for the first time in 2021.

Alphabet already earned a growth of 41% in 2021 by registering a staggering revenue of $258 billion.

Alphabet stock comes with a liquidity of $140 billion, making it one of the strongest propositions for investors.

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