10 Python Tools Every Programmer Should Learn

Here are some of the top 10 Python tools every programmer should check out in 2020.

Python has gotten an ever-increasing acceptance as a programming language. Over the years, it’s had wide adoption of its applications & frameworks. Python has amazing library support and a huge developer community. Python can be perfect for beginners since it’s easy to learn, and the language is also widely used by tech startups. Python is reinventing coding. Do you want to join the revolution of new programmers in 2022? Do you want to find the best Python tools for Python development? Look no further than here, because we’ve got you covered.


Scikit-learn is a free machine learning tool for the Python programming language. It comes with various algorithms, including classification, regression, and clustering, that fit into the support vector machine framework. Scikit-learn is a predictive data analysis tool that is easy to use and widely accessible. You can use it in many contexts and it’s one of the most useful tools you’ll learn with Python in 2022.


Keras is a library for writing artificial neural networks that act as an interface with TensorFlow. Python programmers will be able to get started quickly and understand everything seamlessly. Up until the release of version 2.3, Keras supported multiple backends, including TensorFlow, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, Theano, and PlaidML.


Theano is a library for calculating multi-dimensional mathematical computations. It can help you rapidly define/ optimize/ evaluate arrays of data. One of the most useful python tools is NumPy. It has many features, such as tight integration with NumPy, transparent use of the GPU, speed and stability optimizations, dynamic C code generation, and extensive unit testing. Deep Learning has become increasingly popular and Theano can be a great way to implement this concept in your Python projects.


In 2022, the top 10 Python tools every programmer should learn is going to be SciPy. It is a Python-based tool used for scientific and technical computing and it’s open-source. SciPy was created on top of NumPy and lets Python programmers work with and visualize data in a lot of high-level ways. It’s very popular in science, engineering, and mathematics fields.


Selenium is one of the best tools to use for Python development in 2022. It is an open-source development tool that can automate repetitive tasks, give you instant feedback loops, and make testing easier. Selenium can be programmed in multiple languages, including Java, C, Python, PHP, Perl & Ruby. It’s never been better to learn Selenium in 2022 if you’re a Python programmer.

Robot Framework

Robot Framework is also an open-source testing framework that was designed just for you! It offers test automation specifically for ATDD. Robot Framework is a keyword-driven testing framework that provides tabular test data syntax. The integration of different frameworks for different test automation requirements lets you pick the one you need for your project.


We know it can be difficult to use the latest software with the test license prices out there. However, try TestComplete! They support web, mobile & desktop testing. With just one commercial license its possible to create automated tests for Microsoft

Beautiful Soup

You can use Beautiful Soup to modify a parse tree by leveraging various idioms found in python. If you’re looking to do some web scraping, then this is the module for you! This tool can convert incoming and outgoing files to Unicode and UTF-8 which allows for screen-scaping. If you invest in the tool, it can save you hours of work.


Lxml is a Python-based tool for processing XML and HTML. It can work with libxml2 and libxslt libraries, to make it easier & more convenient to use these tools in Python code. It also ensures that there’s no risk of memory leaks or security issues when dealing with large XML files


Scrapy is an open-source project which provides a full framework for developing web spiders. Web spiders crawl websites and extract data from them. What makes Scrapy different from other frameworks is its ease of use and ability to scale. Python developers use Scrapy for extracting data from websites. It can efficiently run on all three major operating systems and it is a fast, high-level web crawling framework that can do a lot of other things like data mining, automated testing, etc.

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