Here are the 11 countries with the most opportunities for data Scientists in 2022

There is still a dearth of qualified data scientists to fulfill demand requirements. This leaves a huge gap between the supply and demand chain.

Data science is supposed to be one of the hottest skills in the 21st century. Without it, your company would be wasting a lot of potentials. Data science can help you take your business to new heights. Data science stands at the forefront of every industry and it’s creating a revolution. The use of data science is advancing in many fields so we need more data scientists to meet the growing demand. There are new jobs posted every day and people are still hiring for qualified data scientists. The supply chain is lacking in supply so there will always be a demand for the positions. As more businesses start using data science algorithms, more jobs are created. Data science is also the most dominant field when it comes to earning money. Almost all countries that have big industries are already using data science in various aspects of their business. This article gives you an overview of the best countries to work in as a data scientist based on statistics in 2022

1. United States

According to reports, the United States has an upper hand at work when it comes to data scientist salaries – and both entry-level and senior positions salaries. Economic projections state that the US’s tech companies will invest roughly 12 billion dollars in talent acquisition and development- this includes both buyouts and partnerships, and will continue to grow. With the global talent shortage, tech giants in the US are in need of senior staff. Employers are offering an average annual salary of US$415,000 in order to entice new talent

2. Europe

Data science skills are in high demand in the EU. European countries have to import skilled specialists from outside the EU to fill vacancies. Finland has a rapidly aging population with an increase in software development industry work. They estimate that they need about 9,000 developers but the number is expected to rise to 23,000 by 2022. As per the latest data, 2/3 of the skilled workers Germany will need by 2030 are IT professionals.

3. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has seen a huge demand for data science skills. Recruitment specialists have claimed that this demand is three times as big as it was 3 years ago. The UK has witnessed a significant increase in hiring data science experts in the past few years. The demand for skilled data scientists in the UK is also greater than in other countries around the world.

4. South Africa

Completely changing how their technology works, the country is using various innovations, including AI, IoT, and data science. Extracting relevant actionable information from your data is crucial for revolutionizing and boosting your company’s performance. There’s a number of underlying reasons as to why data science has grown in popularity in this country, such as the need for heavy data-driven tools and applications.

5. China

China has always been at the forefront of AI development and this includes innovations in sub-technologies. The country has announced that it will be the first in the world for AI technology, applications, and theory by 2030. Indeed, China is investing in data science and implementing AI which is putting them ahead of the curve. They are hiring experts with expertise in data science who are hard to find domestically.

6. Japan

Japan’s data science industry is influenced by several opportunities and restraints. As social media use in Japan has increased, the study of customer behaviors has steadily become an important field in the development of business strategies for organizations. In today’s job market, at least in the tech and finance industries in Japan, data science positions are growing every day. Indeed, we currently have more than 2,300 jobs available as full-time employees for those interested.

7. Canada

Data science is the future, and Canada wants to take the world by storm with this new technology. The country has implemented ethical policies that will guide AI development in the future. If you’re interested in the latest jobs in the country, you should consider becoming a data scientist, full-stack developer, DevOps engineer, or machine learning engineer. These are the top three most desired jobs for employers.

8. South Korea

In 2019, South Korea’s government has been pushing forward with a plan to expand their domestic data market from $700 million to trillions by 2022. There has been a significant change in our country’s technology adoption and it is becoming increasingly popular. This change in paradigm has allowed India to become more competitive and use data in the industrial revolution.

9. India

India has a young and dynamic population, which makes it a perfect place to experiment with different AI applications like security or healthcare. This also means that the applications could be tailored to suit the needs of such a population. India has a goal of achieving Digital India by 2020 and this also includes the IT sector. You’ll need to start preparing your workforce for digital skills now so they can be prepared to take advantage of the growth and opportunities ahead. AI and machine learning development are happening across different parts of India – Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Bangalore, etc. The industries that hire this talent are IT, e-commerce, BFSI, etc. We hope to see AI and ML experts in other industries soon.

10. Russia

Big corporations are the biggest consumers of data sciences in this country because they suffer from a shortage of qualified data scientists. National efforts are focusing on developing more data science professionals. Russia has been experiencing economic setbacks due to its lack of expertise and implementation in the past, but now they’re fighting back by investing in these institutions.

11. Singapore

Manufacturing, electronics, and pharma are doing well these days. The increasing popularity of AI and data analytics in these industries is a sign that Singapore has been quick to adopt these new technologies.

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