Changes its Name to Cronos and Experiences 6.7% Rise

The last 24 hours have been positive for cryptocurrencies, and one coin has been on the rise like none other. Cronos, previously known as coin, has powered ahead with a 6.7% rise. If you don’t know, Cronos is a popular coin because it has been tied to the NBA.

Cronos is known for its advertisements that frequently feature some of the most well-known celebrities from the NBA world. Of late, Cronos has made it a point to showcase that it is more than just a crypto exchange by showing its value in DeFi contracts.

Just a few days ago, cryptocurrency took a hit because of a rise in tension between Ukraine and Russia. Although the situation is far from settled, things seem to have eased off a bit. The developers of Cronos had already announced that Cronos would represent the next phase in the development of Web3.

Cronos has solid fundamentals and intrinsic value as it allows the launch of quality DeFi (Decentralized Finance) applications over the network. Cronos is also known as CRO token, and a team of 120 developers is currently working upon it. Since its launch, Cronos has acquired over 350 thousand unique wallet addresses. The mass employment of Cronos says a lot about its rising appeal.

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