Polygon MATIC Evolves from Ethereum’s Shadow to Blockchain of Future

Blockchain is the building block of any crypto project, and a little competition among blockchains keeps the crypto world moving forward. Although cryptocurrencies are decentralized, the monopoly of a blockchain is never a good thing. Just like competition from Intel and Microsoft keeps the hardware and software price down, we need competition among blockchains to ensure everyone plays a fair game and ensures functional integrity.

After the popularity of Ethereum and Solana, we have a new blockchain making waves, and its name is Polygon (MATIC). Initially, Polygon blockchain’s purpose was to scale the Ethereum blockchain. But it has stepped out of ETH’s shadow big time and has some of the most significant crypto projects in its kitty – The Sandbox (SAND) and Xchange Monster (MXCH).

Why is Polygon MATIC so Appealing to New Projects like Sandbox?

Polygon (MATIC) promises an unbelievable speed advantage over most competing blockchains. Moreover, it is not as costly as Ethereum in terms of transactional costs. Therefore, it ticks all the right boxes and provides an edge to the new projects.

What Blockchain is Polygon Helping to Scale?

The blockchain that Polygon is helping to scale is none other than Ethereum. This is one of the biggest appealing factors of Polygon MATIC blockchain as it enhances its scalability and outreach. For the uninitiated, Polygon came into existence as a scaling platform for the world-renowned Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. So, if a project is executable on Polygon MATIC, it is accessible to Ethereum users as well. The interconnectivity with Ethereum is a major selling point of the MATIC blockchain.

It is worth noting that Polygon MATIC has acquired some of the most significant projects riding upon its vast outreach to primary Polygon and secondary Ethereum users. Let’s have a look at some projects that are using the Polygon blockchain.

2 Polygon MATIC Projects with Unmatchable Potential

The Sandbox (SAND): A Move from Ethereum (ETH) to Polygon (MATIC)

The Sandbox (SAND) is one of history’s most ambitious metaverse gaming projects. With its next-gen approach to Web3 technologies, The Sandbox is targeting a vast user base. One can compare ‘The Sandbox’ to Minecraft because it allows the players to create their characters and designs. The blockchain technology provided by Ethereum and Polygon helps the users to perform the trade in the game. For instance, the players can use the SAND token to buy and sell what they have created as NFTs.

The Sandbox is designed with the growth of the platform in mind. Powered by Polygon, The Sandbox’s token SAND has already become one of the top 50 tokens in the world. As Polygon MATIC has unrivaled power of scalability, The Sandbox prefers Polygon over Ethereum and other blockchains.

Xchange Monster (MXCH): Built for Impatient Youthful Gamers

Price fluctuation in the volatile crypto world is exceptionally rapid. Therefore, one needs a fast blockchain that lowers transactional times while charging a low transaction fee. As Xchange Monster (MXCH) is creating a multi-game platform that uses a single token and trading system, it is looking at a blockchain that it can rely on entirely. The MXCH project prefers Polygon MATIC because it promises to eliminate slow transactions.

As most young gamers are impatient, Polygon’s speed can help serve its primary customers much better.

Xchange Monster is an incredible platform that offers complete convenience to its user base. It even allows for direct trade between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Therefore, a young gamer with little to no knowledge of dumbfounding cryptocurrency transactions can stay at ease.

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Polygon MATIC is a terrific blockchain that exceeds expectations and shines bright in the crypto universe. Due to faster speeds, low transactional costs, and interconnectivity with the Ethereum blockchain, it is quickly becoming the blockchain of choice among new crypto projects. Polygon is connected with Ethereum’s blockchain, which is why it provides greater outreach to projects that are using MATIC.

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