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A press release can help make your business more visible and makes it easier for journalists to cover you. We offer a distribution service that costs $150.

Analytics Lord is a leading news source for new products, services, and industry developments. If you would like to submit your new product/service for coverage, please send in a press release outlining the details of the product/service and a short description of your company. After we review it, we will publish an article on our website detailing the news.

We can also help you write an excellent press release for $299.

With Analytics Lord, your press release will:

•  Reach thousands of people

•  Create a buzz (and keep it)

•  SEO-friendly (do-follow links allowed)

•  Featured image or logo (optional)

•  Multiple images inside PR are allowed (an additional $20)

•  You can paste in youtube embed links in this field (an additional $20)

•  You can attach a PDF or a PowerPoint file to your email message. (additional $25)

Please send the press release to

Once the payment is received, Analytics Lord will immediately publish the content. Content review could take up to 24 hours after that notification.

We only accept PayPal at the moment. Please contact ua at for any questions.

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