10 cryptocurrencies that have a better potential than Bitcoin

Bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency came out over a decade ago. Since then we’ve seen hundreds of other cryptocurrencies make their way onto the market and be introduced to the public. Bitcoin is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency and as such holds the largest market cap. However, stocks of other cryptocurrencies can definitely be considered as well. If Bitcoin is not your thing, or you’re looking for other options that might well be worth considering as time goes on, this post will help. We’ve got 10 quality altcoins we hope to come to the top of your discussion list.


Ethereum has been topping the list in terms of cryptocurrencies with better potential than Bitcoin. With Ethereum, anyone in the world can access their suite of products that are decentralized and worldwide accessible. Ethereum helps you “codify and decentralize and trade and secure just about anything”. It can be used as an alternative to Bitcoin.


With the core objective as the world’s financial operating system by developing decentralized financial products, one can easily estimate how far this cryptocurrency will go. There are many reasons why making NEM a core component of your portfolio is a good idea: its high degree of interoperability and internal legal contract tracing system.


Solana has emerged as one of the best cryptocurrencies because it can easily work with Ethereum and other cryptos to offer people a wide variety of tokens. The cryptocurrency also boasts of high transactions per second and fewer resources needed for processing. This all throws light on the benefits that this cryptocurrency has to offer.


Litecoin, which was released 2 years after Bitcoin was unveiled and is seen as silver to Bitcoin’s gold. It has a much faster block generation rate and therefore, a much faster transaction confirmation time than Bitcoin.


Dogecoin is one of those cryptocurrencies that have been in the media spotlight. It resembles Bitcoin and Litecoin in many ways. With the value going up exponentially, it’s a smart move to invest in bitcoin. It can be a good bet for anyone looking for the next big thing.


Ripple has made quite a name for itself in recent years by reducing the time it takes to process an online payment. That’s why investing in Ripple is something worth considering.


Polkadot grabbed the attention of many people because it was more affordable and faster than other blockchains. An added perk is that it’s more secure than other technologies. The blockchain on Polkadot has many new features on the way, ensuring that it can compete with Bitcoin. It’s a great altcoin to invest in.


Tether is a stable altcoin backed by fiat currencies like the euro and US dollar. It is a better option for people who are risk-averse since the cryptocurrency market is quite volatile.

Binance coin

One of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, Binance, set up Binance Coin for trading purposes. It was launched to supplement trading on Binance’s platform. And with technological advancements, it now has the potential to trade, process payments, and even book travel-related arrangements.


Stellar is an open-source blockchain network that allows unrestricted global transactions between any type of currency. All of these developments are promising signs for the future of these coins & investments in them don’t seem to be regrettable.


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