Bitgert Burn vs. Shiba Inu Burn: Two Cryptos Fighting for the Burn Crown

  • Bitgert Burn and Shiba Inu burn have attracted the attention of buyers from across the globe.
  • ShibaArmy has burned 410 trillion SHIB tokens, whereas Bitgert developers have burned 572 trillion BRISE
  • Currently, Shiba Inu is far ahead of Bitgert in price, market cap, and community
  • Bitgert is doing well on its V2 Roadmap and has tremendous blockchain speed to rely upon

Shiba Inu has struggled to maintain decent performance in the past few weeks. Although the price has been stable for the past few days, the SHIB token is in a perilous position overall, fighting not to lose a 0 at 0.00001. The ShibArmy already burned a whopping 410 trillion SHIB tokens. Even with such a strong community initiative, SHIB hasn’t been able to turn the slide into an upturn. But there is one coin that is doing the complete opposite. A recently launched blockchain Bitgert has surpassed Shiba Inu in the number of tokens burned. According to its developers, Bitgert has burned 572 trillion Brise tokens since its launch. Although the value of BRISE is much less than the more established Shiba Inu, it has strong fundamentals going for it in the longer run.

Bitgert Burn: Developers on Fire, Burn More Tokens than ShibArmy

ShibaArmy is Shiba Inu’s strongest suite. It doesn’t shy away from burning tokens when there is a need to give SHIB a boost. However, Bitgert has burned more tokens than Shiba Inu. However, the sacrifice by the Shiba Inu community is more remarkable because they have burnt tokens much higher priced than Bitgert. At the time of writing, the price of the native token of the Bitgert ecosystem BRISE is just $0.000000364337. It pales in comparison to Shiba Inu. Moreover, Shiba Inu is a much more highly-rated token, and Bitgert doesn’t even come close to its market cap.

Bitgert’s Strong Fundamentals vs. Shiba Inu Hype and Development

What makes Bitgert a terrific investment is that it has super strong fundamentals. It has no gas fee, and the transaction rate is a whopping 100,000 TPS. Unlike Shiba Inu, which is just a meme token, Bitgert is a full-fledged blockchain capable of powering multiple projects and realizing its Bitgert roadmap V2 very well. Bitgert developers are hard at work and launching new projects fast.

Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is intricately coded to provide fantastic speed and possibilities. The Bitgert bridge is one of the biggest reasons for its popularity apart from the Bitgert burn. The adoption of the Bitgert bridge is increasing, which is powering its price ahead. Biggert’s newly launched USDT/USDC bridge is also another reason for it doing well. On the contrary, Shiba Inu is relying upon the Shibarium launch. Recently, Shytoshi – the lead developer of the Shiba Inu ecosystem – tweeted mysteriously about the impending launch, which created hype within the community.


Shiba Inu burn and Bitgert burn have remained a topic of discussion within both communities. Even investors are intrigued by the prospects provided by the burn for both cryptocurrencies. Bitgert has burned more tokens than the Shiba Inu community, but the effort by ShibArmy is more remarkable considering the higher cost of their tokens.

Although Shiba Inu is much ahead of Bitgert in terms of market price, community and price, Bitgert has terrific fundamentals and promising projects that augur well in the near future. According to developers, over 1000 Bitgert projects are in the pipeline.

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