Ethereum 2.0 Merge: What You Should Know about the Merge in 2022?

  • Ethereum 2.0 Merge is coming, and many expect it to reduce the gas fee
  • But a DeFi researcher says it won’t have any impact on the gas fee
  • Ethereum 2 Merge will make the L2 blockchain safer and more sustainable than Bitcoin
  • Ethereum 2 Merge date is fast approaching, and Vitalik Buterin says Ethereum will become more yielding for stakers after the move to V2

Ethereum 2.0 Merge has intrigued just about everyone associated with the crypto industry. Especially the ones involved with NFTs and DeFi are eagerly awaiting Ethereum 2 merge date in 2022. One of them is Vivek Raman, a trader, and researcher of DeFi contracts. Contrary to popular belief that Ethereum 2 Merge will lower the gas fee, Vivek believes it won’t impact those charges, at least not in 2022. But the Merge won’t be wasteful. On the contrary, it will make Vitalik Buterin’s favorite crypto safer, sustainable and higher-yielding than ever before.

What Ethereum 2.0 Merge Entails?

Ethereum has been the number 1 crypto for NFTs and DeFi contracts for a long time. But its higher gas fee is why many users have moved to Solana and Cardano.

The basketball fraternity, including Jordan, has picked Solana. There is fear among ETH developers, but they are confident ETH will set the score right. However, a DeFi researcher has other ideas.

According to DeFi researcher and trader Vivek Raman, the Ethereum merge won’t impact the gas fee that is currently charged.

As per Vivek’s analysis, the high gas fee is a function of increased block space demand and not its PoW consensus mechanism.

Because the Merge doesn’t address Ethereum’s increased block space demand, the L1 gas fee will stay the same and not go down – as many would like to believe.

But the Ethereum Merge won’t be downright wasteful. It will be more secure as the cost of attacking Ethereum Blockchain will become higher.

Not only will Ethereum Blockchain be safer, but it will also be much less energy-intensive, making it more sustainable in the longer run.

The famous ETH researcher and the trader also said that ETH yield would improve by nearly 50%/. So, from the current 4.2%, it will likely go as high as 6%.


Ethereum 2.0 is eagerly awaited by people from across the globe. The gas fee is one thing that most people believe will go down after the Merge. But according to a famous researcher Vivek Raman, the Merge won’t impact the gas fee rate. Contrarily, it will make it more yielding for stakers, safer, and more sustainable than Bitcoin in 2022.

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