Again! Ethereum Blockchain might experience a delay in transitioning to PoS

We know Ethereum’s transition to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) has been long-awaited. The good news is that your patience will soon be rewarded!

According to the latest news, the date has finally been set for this year in August. Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, recently attended the ETH Shanghai Web 3.0 Developer Summit.

At the Permissionless conference, Preston Van Loon claimed that the transition called The Merge will happen this August if everything goes according to plan.

Vitalik Buterin announced during the Ethereum Summit that,

This will be a major test, larger than any of the tests that we have done before, Taking a large existing test network with many applications with proof-of-work, moving into proof-of-stake.

The Ethereum Co-founder Warned Against Expecting Delays. Vitalik Buterin has confirmed that The Merge will occur in August this year.

He also emphasized the aspect of a delay.

He quoted,

But of course, there’s always a risk of problems. There’s also a risk of delays. And so September is possible and October is possible as well.

Ethereum researcher says the delay is also possible. Justin Drake mentioned that the team is making sure that the merger goes according to plan and that it’s on the top of their priority list.

He also stressed having a strong desire for this to happen before the difficult bomb in August. “Difficulty bomb” is the name given to the program that’s coded into Ethereum’s blockchain.

This program intends to slow down the network. This would enforce a shift to Proof-of-Stake consensus. The code will make it challenging for the miners to use PoW once The Merge occurs.

What follows a merger is often an examination of their respective strengths and expertise. The Merge is the first Ethereum major upgrade.

The interface is clean, the navigation is intuitive and just about everything has been hammered down to perfection.

The Surge can be a pretty big challenge when it comes to scaling. However, there are plenty of improvements that make it easier to handle. They say that this happens via sharding techniques. The Verge is one of the first sites to use Verkle trees, where data storage structure is designed to encourage statelessness. The site utilizes Merkle proofs – a fundamental cryptographic approach – to provide authentication for state changes.

After that, The Purge was responsible for adding the EVM simplification track and erasing historical data & technical debt.

After the previous phase, The Surge, this is the final stage of the roadmap. Here you’ll be able to address any remaining “miscellaneous” and “important extras.”

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