Project Venkman Releases Bill Murray NFT for the Famed Ghostbuster

As the crypto world tries to emerge from the darkness, a new NFT project is ready to take Web3 by storm. Featuring 71-year-old Bill Murray’s life moments, Project Venkman – an enterprise that drives brand loyalty – is launching the Bill Murray NFT collection.

If you ask any Ghostbuster fan who their favorite ghost catcher is, most will say Peter Venkman. Celebrating the character portrayed by Bill Murray, Project Venkman is launching Bill Murray NFT.

Project Venkman releases ‘Bill Murray 1000’, a collection of Bill Murray NFT on Web3 that provides an account of the actor’s life.

“Bill Murray 1000” contains biographical NFTs that showcase acrylic-on-canvas paintings of Bill Murray.

Every NFT part of the collection has Bill Murray’s personally recorded stories. Each story says something about his life.

In the Bill Murray NFT collection, you will find him telling you about his admiration for the Cubs baseball team. He also mentions his meeting with President J.F.K.

Project Venkman is a new startup funded by Valor Equity Partners and Valor Siren Ventures. It is looking to change the way brands utilize reward points and loyalty programs using Web3.

To date, Project Venkman has raised a total of US $ 5 million. The project is aimed at Web3 products such as Non-Fungible Tokens.

Apart from the NFTs, the holders will also get full access to events in which 71-year-old Bill Murray will also participate.

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