Brave Browser Will Reward Users with BAYC NFT to Celebrate New Feature

The Brave browser, which is well-known for its privacy features, has released its built-in crypto wallet. And, to celebrate the launch, it is also offering precious BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club) NFT as giveaways.

As the wallet feature is in-built, it would not compromise the speed of the web browser (like plugins do). Instead, it will make things faster for crypto enthusiasts on both laptops, desktops, and smartphone platforms. If you don’t know, other popular wallets like Coinbase and Metamask are installed as browser plug-ins. However, Brave web browser intends to change the trend and enhance user experience.

To promote their latest feature, the company has announced Brave Swap-stakes (a series of giveaways), which will offer rewards over a period of 6 days. Brave isn’t offering just any rewards but one of the most coveted NFTs in the world – an 80 ETH valued BAYC NFT.

For the uninitiated, BAYC is short for Bored Ape Yacht Club, which is a collection of 10K algorithmic generated apes, each of them sold as a separate NFT. BAYC apes are developed by Yuga labs. The photos of BAYC NFT apes are very popular and frequently purchased by celebrities like Justin Bieber and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Brave Wallet Swap-stakes will also include digital assets from ETH, SOL, and BAT cryptocurrencies along with NFTs like Pudgy Penguins, World of Women, and Lazy Lions. To be eligible for the giveaways, one needs to have a Brave wallet with an active account during the contest.

The winners of the Swap-stakes will be selected uniquely. They will be sent a ‘golden ticket’, which will be freshly minted and sent to the user’s wallet. Brave is taking proactive steps to avoid frauds and scams in their latest promotional endeavor. Prize winners will not be asked to disclose their wallet information or share their private keys.

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