Shiba Inu Vs. EverGrow: Who will Wear the Metaverse Crown

Have you heard about SHIB: The Metaverse? It is a metaverse that allows SHIB fans to buy virtual plots by using their favorite meme currency. Due to the buzz around Shiba Inu, one might believe that it will be the undisputed king of the metaverse space. But it is not the case. SHIB has competition on its hands, and it comes from the emerging EverGrow coin. The rapidly rising cryptocurrency has been making massive strides in recent months. And now, it is ready to attract new investors by associating with The Abstract metaverse.

EverGrow’s The Abstract vs. SHIB: The Metaverse

Just recently in May, the SHIB developers announced that in their metaverse, anyone could mint land parcels using Shiba Inu alongside ETH. Although SHIB metaverse plans look solid, EverGrow has done even better. They are associating with The Abstract, which will use metaverse to cloud-stream—wondering how it is better? Well, it is better if you don’t have a gaming computer and want to experience top 3D graphics without buying an excessively priced computer.

EverGrow Metaverse vs. SHIB Metaverse Comparison

Some comparison points between the two metaverses:

  • EverGrow coin allows for a cheaper VR gaming experience in the metaverse. Therefore, it will bring in more users when compared with SHIB’s metaverse.
  • The Abstract is a highly anticipated platform with a waiting list that is more than 20k. Yes, you heard it right. There are 20,000 users ready to get in on the action. There is no waiting list released for SHIB metaverse.
  • EverGrow Coin will be the native token that powers The Abstract. On the other hand, SHIB will be the currency of choice in its very own metaverse. In the past, ETH was used for buying plot NFTs in SHIB’s metaverse.
  • SHIB metaverse has 100,595 different land NFTs. Out of these NFTs, 36,431 plots of land have been unlocked by the middle of April 2022.

Final Thoughts

Shiba Inu is a popular meme currency with a longer history than EverGrow. On the other hand, the EverGrow coin is a deflationary coin that offers tremendous rewards to its holders. Therefore, experts believe that EverGrow is a more promising crypto coin with inherent value. But when it comes to the battle of the metaverse, there is no clear winner, and only time will tell which crypto metaverse will emerge victoriously and wear the crown. 

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