The Dark Side of the NFT World and How it Impacted Tom Brady’s Good Name 

Tom Brady was a sports star of the highest pedigree. And after retiring, he has become a businessman in the NFT world and is looking to innovate just like he did in the NFL.

But despite his good name in the sports world, Tom Brady has created a not-so-good record in the NFT world, which is opposite to his image.

Currently, there are 31,400 fake NFTs which are associated with Tom Brady. Many believe that scam NFTs are associated with him because he is one of the most visible sports stars in the space.

Many hackers are creating phony social media accounts in Tom Brady’s name. These accounts with phishing links that prompt authentic fans to buy fake NFTs.

At 44, Tom continues to enhance his lifestyle and business acumen through intelligent investments. He is the co-founder of an NFT platform called Autograph.

But despite all the excellent work, his name is tarnished by deceptive people who want to make a quick buck by using his good name.

Tom Brady’s Autograph has received an investment of $170 million via Silicon Valley funding. Autograph has transformed into a prestigious platform, thanks to its illustrious backers.

The CEO of cybersecurity firm BrandShield, Yoav Keren, has warned unsuspecting fans to be aware of the scams taking place in the industry.

Yoav Keren has some advice for the NFT fans. If something looks too good to be true, they should stay away from it.

Some of the backers of the Autograph NFT platform are baseball player Derek Jeter, golf player Tiger Woods and famous tennis star Naomi Osaka.

 Autograph provides celebrities and their fans with a unique platform. It allows top athletes to share some of the greatest moments in their sporting careers via NFTs.

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