What is Adobe Livestream APIs and how it can help your organization to get better ROI?

I am writing this post because I didn’t found much information on this topic over the Internet. Adobe Livestream APIs are a great way to get real-time insights into your website and applications which helps you make quick decisions. In this post, we are going to cover what is Adobe Livestream APIs and how they can help your organization to get better ROI from the solution.

What is Adobe Livestream API

Livestream is one of the many reporting features in Adobe Analytics. It gives the ability to look at the Live traffic on the website or application. It will help to look at the live traffic on the website for a better overview. Livestream is similar to raw data (Data Feed) but in JSON format.

How Livestream Works?

Usually, as a customer, you send data via the server calls to Adobe from the websites, apps, or other methods. The data gets collected at one of the Data Collection centers. Later the data is sent to the data processing server and Livestream servers. By using the endpoints shared by Adobe you can connect with Livestream servers and download the Livestream data at your side. Here is the workflow of how the data get processed at Adobe:

Livestream data has processed contains data that has already applied the Processing Rules, Vista Rules, and Marketing Channel rules.

How Livestream can help an organization?

  • You may want to create a real-time dashboard for actions, visitors are taking in a mobile app or website
  • A visitor-level integration that sends information to personalization or marketing platforms in real-time
  • A forecasting or anomaly detection service that updates a model and produces forecasts/anomaly reports in real-time

In short, you can look at the behaviors or any anomaly in real-time, and no need to wait for processed data which usually take 30-60 minutes to show up in the reports.


  • The organization should have Premium SKU for Analytics – if you are not sure about it, contact the Customer Success Manager at Adobe
  • The organization should be provisioned for Livestream API – Contact Client Care team to get this done

Do you need Livestream APIs?

This is one question you would like to ask before proceeding further. First of all, it’s not really straightforward in terms of configuration and receiving real-time data. However, a little help from your IT team should be sufficient. Second, you may need to spend some money if the organization is not on Analytics Premium SKU. You would also, like to identify how the Livestream data could help your organization grow. Once you have the answers, it would be easy to make a decision.

What is the first step?

Once, you made the decision to go with Livestream APPs, time to start with the implementation: https://github.com/AdobeDocs/analytics-1.4-apis/blob/master/docs/live-stream-api/getting_started.md#

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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