None value in Last Touch Channel report with Adobe Analytics Attribution IQ

Recently, I came across a situation where the customer asked an interesting question, why “None” is showing up in the Last Touch channel report with Order participation.

Refer to image below: While checking the Order participation for a particular Page report shows “Zero” Visits against “None” marketing channel, however, it shows the “None” channel participated in 56 orders.

None in attribution Iq


Breaking down the Page ( i.e. Homepage) with Last Touch Channel does not have any Visits where the marketing channel was “None” was identified. This means, there was no such hit against this page where Last Touch Marketing channel was identified as “None”.

Then the question arises how adding the Orders with Participation shows there were 56 such orders where the “None” marketing channel was identified.

This is happening because Participation works on all touchpoints. For such Visits where the order was placed, few hits were present where the last touch channel was identified as None but not necessarily against that particular page.

Because the Lookup window is selected as “Visits”, in that case, Order Participation will include all the hits present in the entire visit and not only the hits against the particular page in the report.

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