Can Cardano’s value rise by 10x over in 2022?

Cardano could potentially reach US$100 by 2022 if they manage a breakthrough.

Cardano (ADA) is currently trading at US$1.68 per token with a market cap of US$56 billion. So there’s no need to act surprised if ADA reaches $100 before the end of 2022, which is certainly an achievable goal with the current market dynamics. Although this cryptocurrency is currently worth only a few dollars, it’s not unreasonable to think it can become just as valuable as Bitcoin. When Bitcoin started trading in 2010 it was worth just US$8 and now each one is worth $60000.

Crypto headlines are always changing, and now even meme coins like Doge can reach the top. This recent example shows how quickly things can change- Shiba Inu recently made it to the top for a few days without much noise. Experts predict a future Cardano price of up to US$100 given that it manages to break into the market. If this does happen, the high Cardano price could be sustained for decades to come. Enthusiasts believe that ADA will shake up the market in the future with its exceptional performance. While many new cryptocurrencies, platforms, and tech will evolve this industry in new and exciting directions, Cardano is leading the way by providing a strong foundation for other up-and-coming altcoins.

How Cardano evolved

Cardano is a newer cryptocurrency that was released in 2017. Their token is ADA and it’s the 3rd generation coin after Bitcoin and Ethereum. The token is directly competing with other decentralized application providers for a more scalable, secure, and effective alternative.

Charles Hoskinson, one of the founders of Ethereum, started Cardano. With blockchain knowledge and experience from the founding of Ethereum, he incorporated valuable lessons into ADA coin and Cardano’s platform. Cardano also offers smart contracts and DApps, two important aspects of the future of cryptocurrency. Besides that, it can safely store information for many people including who created something or who the data is about. ADA gets faster the more coins are used. And since it always uses proof-of-stake voting to find consensus, there’s no need for heavy proof through expensive electricity. ADA can deal with 250 transactions every second – compared to Bitcoin’s 30.

Besides being eco-friendly, ADA is currently considered one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies around. That’s because it uses the equivalent of two power plants’ worth of energy every year. Though this is a huge number, Bitcoin consumes more energy than the Netherlands to power its operations

Cardano reached a significant milestone recently, with 20 million transactions.

Cardano is 1200% more valuable since the beginning of 2019. The Cardano cryptocurrency has seen a great increase in value, especially when you compare Bitcoin and Ethereum. According to the latest breakthrough, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies has now reached 20 million transactions. This achievement means that they are finally getting the recognition they deserve

The Cardano platform has been criticized for its lack of progress recently, but the digital token managed to make strides in November by hitting a daily transaction of 200,000 per day. After being created in Hong Kong, the company behind Cardano is considering their blockchain resizing to allow more transactions. They are also working to improve scalability so that they have the ability to grow the network in a way that is robust and capable of handling more transactions.

Cardano’s Partnerships

For the last year, platforms like Bitcoin and Ethereum have engaged in encouraging housing blockchain technology. Similarly, Cardano launched their smart contract facility back in September. This has given Cardano an edge in the market as it is a direct competitor to Ethereum. In September, Cardano has partnered with Dish Network in a project which will give 8 million digital identities to their customers. With this information stored on a blockchain network,

Cardano predictions for 2022?

According to predictions, Cardano’s price could start at US$2 in 2022 and then climb to US$4.1 by the end of the year. It will eventually reach US$12.1 by the end of 2026. So far, ADA has made significant progress based on the predictions so far. Experts are looking for certain breakthroughs that happen in order for Cardano to gain more prominence and value in the next few years. If this happens, then it would be able to gain 10x its current value by 2022.

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