Nicholas Kirkwood and White Rabbit Release NFT Collection

Fashion designer Nicolas Kirkwood has his own unique take on life and that includes the occasional foray into design. His newest NFT collection drops in collaboration with White Rabbit on April 14, 5 pm CEST.

This interview is in partnership with “The Dematerialised NFT marketplace”. They are pushing the boundaries of fashion in the metaverse and we can’t wait to be a part of the revolution. The interview follows after recent successes and developments at “Decentraland’s Metaverse Fashion Week 2022.”

Nicholas Kirkwood x White Rabbit

Many luxury brands have already hopped on the trend of dropping their NFT collections in the metaverse, but not many brands are as innovative as Nicholas Kirkwood and White Rabbit.

They recently won first place and they were received very positively in the Metaverse Fashion Week. Some people said they were the “Cinderella” of the show.

The White Rabbit Collection ONE has 8765 white rabbits while the Collection ZERO only has 765 white rabbits.

There will be other NFTs in the future that will have utility in the GATE ecosystem. However, at this time, these are the only ones for sale and trade as of today. Each one is currently priced at 0.018 ETH with a total of 462 ETH paid to date

These project partners with The Dematerialised NFT marketplace, which uses an environmentally-friendly blockchain called LUKSO. This is not surprising considering Kirkwood’s focus on sustainability initiatives.

This NFT marketplace offers an environmentally friendly blockchain network for transactions, creating an energy-efficient process of minting new NFTs.

Nicholas Kirkwood

Nicholas has been around for a long time in the fashion industry and has received countless awards. The list includes prestigious British Fashion Awards, Footwear News, and Vogue Fund awards.

He always uses unconventional materials & techniques, combining traditional methods with cutting-edge technology in his designs. He will now enter the metaverse as he continues to empower the 21st-century woman to look, feel, and be empowered.

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