LeBron James NFT Collection Airdrop Announced by Crypto.com

LeBron James was seen in Super Bowl ads and the viewers of those ads now stand to win a limited edition NFT of the NBA superstar.

The Super Bowl commercial featured an interaction between today’s mature Lebron and a youthful version of Lebron in his teenage years. Just 10 seconds into the conversation, a hidden QR code was displayed on the screen.

People who were able to scan the QR code that appeared during the advertisement for a fraction of a second are now eligible to be selected for the airdrop of “The Moment of Truth” NFTs. Crypto.com has announced that the NFTs will be airdropped to a random selection of 5,550 viewers of their Super Bowl commercial.

The LeBron James NFT collection will feature photos of behind-the-scenes moments that were taken during the creation of Big Game Spot. Air dropped NFTs cannot be purchased directly from Crypto.com. Only ‘Sleuths’ who scanned the QR code and signed up on Crypto.com are eligible.

5% from any NFT resales, whether on Crypto.com NFT platform or secondary exchange will be received by LeBron James Family Foundation in the form of royalties. LeBron James is an important part of Crypto.com’s celebrity roaster that features other popular celebrities like Matt Damon.

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