Top 5 tech Stocks worth investing in December 2021

For long-term traders, we’ve put together a list of five stocks that will remain strong and rise in price as long as they’re traded properly.

Here are Analytics Lord top picks for the best stocks to invest in right now

Technology has been supreme in the world of today’s businesses and has helped many companies grow exponentially. By adhering to these ever-changing trends, companies can attract investors and raise money. Investors continue to turn their heads toward the top 5 tech stocks. Interestingly, for December 1st, 2021, these 5 stocks are analytics insight.

These are some of the top tech stocks to buy and invest in.


Current Price: US$669.85

Market Cap: US$318.71 B

Adobe is an American software company headquartered in Delaware that was founded in 1982 by John Warnock and Charles Geschke. The pair are inventors of the PostScript page description language, which they later sold to Apple. The creative marketing and document solutions empower everyone from artists to big brands to bring digital creations to life and bring the right person best results. Adobe is ranked 27th on the top tech stocks list.

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Current Price: US$641.90

Market Cap: US$284.33 B

Netflix is an American company that intently streams and produces films and TV series. It was launched in 1997. Netflix is one of the most well-known streaming services in the world. They have a library of films & tv series which you can stream on your favorite device, as well as their own Netflix originals, which are exclusive to the platform. They rank around 30th on stock lists, starting in California.


Current Price: US$284.96

Market Cap: US$278.97 B

Salesforce is a US-based company that provides cloud-based customer relationship management services as well as enterprise applications. In addition to these, they’re also known for their customer service, analytics, and marketing automation solutions. The company ranks 31st on the top tech stocks list and is headquartered in California.


Current Price: US$90.73

Market Cap: US$248.05 B

Oracle Corporation is a US-based business software company that develops and markets computing products to various roles. They specialize in global customer service and information content management. Oracle is among the world’s leading software companies and is ranked about 37th on the top tech stocks list.


Current Price: US$54.84

Market Cap: US$231.29 B

Cisco Systems is an American-based company in the telecoms industry that are experts in technology for routers and switches. They’re also one of the leading providers of Internet backbone technology. The company was founded in 1984 and ranks about 44th rank on the top tech stocks list, according to a recent survey.

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