Jordan, Brady, and Curry: NFTs Journey from Sports to the Crypto World


It is well-known that global sports stars made massive money before NFTs through their salaries and endorsements. But if that wasn’t enough, they can now get richer through items sold as Non-Fungible Tokens. By using the crypto world as a stepping stone, celebrities like Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, and Steph Curry are ready to capitalize on the power of sports.

Michael Jordan: An Iconic NBA Star with a Legendary Plan for the NFT World

Michael Jordan was offered a way into the NFT universe by Nike. But ‘His Airness’ chose to create his own NFT world through his Web 3.0 platform based on Solana Blockchain.

Jordan is bringing his son along with him on this business venture, or shall we say a father and son crypto Joy Ride.

Their NFT platform is known as HEIR (part of Heir.Inc that is likely to include other crypto offerings), which Jordan and his son Jeffery run. The father-son duo has already received funding of $10.6 million to run this platform. 

The HEIR platform is exciting and lucrative for both the players and the buyers. Developed by the Jordans, it focuses on growing the athletes’ wealth and giving them recognition for their athletic skills and performances. 

Athletes will use Heir to sell their NFTs to fans. Every NFT will come with a limited number of ‘seats’ to give fans access to athletes’ digital assets and NFTs. HEIR will also feature ‘Huddle’, a restricted feature that offers exclusive perks to the fans.

‘Huddle’ will only feature less than 1% of any celebrity’s social media following, which will make it elusive for the fans. Furthermore, if the huddle is complete with no space and a fan wants to be a part of the huddle, he will have to purchase the spot from another fan.

HEIR is just the start for the Jordans. With time, we can expect many new Web3-based NFT and other crypto offerings from their company.

Tom Brady: Another NFT Success Story in the Making

Tom Brady’s crypto journey began in April 2021 when he became a stakeholder and brand ambassador of crypto exchange FTX.

When Tom Brady gave away a coin to a fan, it made big news in the media world. But at that time, nobody knew that it was the beginning of a new journey for Tom Terrific.

When Tom Brady’s teammate Rob Gronkowski got involved in NFTs, it was only a matter of time before the NFL superstar got interested. Already known for his successful financial investments outside of NFL, Tom Brady has started with a bang in the crypto world.

Tom Brady has co-founded ‘Autograph’ with Rob Gronkowski, an NFT platform that releases sports collectibles. It has already sold all of its initial NFTs from big names like Tiger Woods and Tom Brady himself. 

The latest’ Autograph’ offerings include an “8-bit” retro-looking animation, which gives the impression of NES games. The animation features the famous Olympic gymnast, Simone Biles. This NFT particularly appeals to the millennials who grew up playing NES games with 8-bit graphics. So, if you are a gamer and a fan of gymnastics, you can’t go wrong with this NFT.

‘Autograph’ also uses the same approach for selling the NFTs made for the music and movie world. Given Tom’s financial acumen and the success of his current plans, things look incredibly positive on the economic front.  

Steph Currey: From a Smart NFT Buyer to an Investor and Seller

When Steph Curry bought a ‘Bored Ape’ NFT on OpenSea (a marketplace for NFT) for $180.000, he thought he had purchased the most expensive ‘Bored Ape’ ever.

But unfortunately for the NBA point guard, he didn’t even scratch the surface. The most costly ‘Bored Ape’ NFT ever sold on OpenSea up till now is $2.3 million.   

After his first purchase, which seems like a winner, Curry invested in LinksDAO, an international community of thousands of Golf enthusiasts. 

LinksDaO has the objective of buying one of the world’s biggest golf courses by using its investors’ funds. As a Golf lover and crypto enthusiast, it makes perfect sense for Curry to invest in such an initiative.

Currently, Steph’s NFT collection includes Adam Bomb Squad, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Bored Ape Kennel Club, and many NFTs from his very own Curry Genesis Flow drop.

But buying isn’t the only thing Steph Curry does. He is also good at selling, just like he sells his shot fakes to his opponents. Using his skills as an entrepreneur, Steph Curry has sold 2,974 Pairs of NFT Virtual Sneakers for $333 per piece. 

The sneakers sold by Steph Curry are the same ones he wore while breaking the 3-point scoring record. So, for all the lovers of the NBA, especially the ones who like to track records, the sneakers can be an attractive purchase. 


Every sporting superstar on our list is an icon of their sport. Therefore, they have the star power to sell their NFTs by convincing others to buy them. So, if you are already trading in cryptocurrencies and have good knowledge of sports, it is a great idea to switch to buying/selling NFTs. 

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